Friday, 12 April 2013

LHM Photography Tours of Marrakech and beyond...

The Photography Tour, booked and arranged by Passeport Travel, involved a small group of clients visiting Morocco to celebrate a special birthday.

It all began with a brief health and safety lesson, "Mind your heads." (there are many low archways in Marrakech) "Look out for Donkeys, mules, mopeds, taxis and carts...all at once!"

Over the next few hours I gave technical advice and hands on photography tips and tricks. I explained how to improve exposure, understand composition, get the best from the camera in ever changing lighting situations and shooting from different viewpoints. During all this, we all took in the magical sights, sounds and smells of Marrakech. The group discovered many hidden gems away from the usual tourist trail, from spice souks, food markets, flower stalls and palaces. At the end of the tour we sat on low chairs in the sunshine, each sipping a well deserved glass of mint tea while the cry of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer wafted by.

Since the tour I've been delighted to receive two wonderful quotes from the group, which I've shared below, along with a small collection of images I managed to capture in-between teaching.

"Our morning with Laura in the Medina was a real highlight. Marrakech is such a photogenic city and to see it through Laura's eye was an utterly pleasurable experience. We explored secret markets, stunning stalls, cultural sights and met all manner of wonderfully photo-friendly subjects. This is one of the most fun ways to explore the souks and is thoroughly recommended."

Mr A Conti, Passeport Travel

"Shira felt her day with you was not only educational, but a pure joy getting to know you and spending a little time seeing Marrakech through your eyes. I enjoyed it equally and think you may have an additional career path looming if you're interested! Thanks, Laura." 

Mrs S Solomon

If you would like to enjoy a full or half day photographic tour of the souks, palaces and hidden gems of Marrakech with an experienced professional photographer, book now by contacting me directly at

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

LHM Photography to exhibit at House for an Art Lover

This Sunday, 14th April 2013, I'm delighted to be exhibiting my latest series of Fine Art Photographs for sale at House for an Art Lover in Glasgow. Further details for the event are below. Please do come along to what promises to be a wonderful exhibition in a fabulous venue!

The new series includes Limited Edition Photographs inspired by the Arabian fairy tales from 'One Thousand and One Nights'. Last year I found an original Victorian copy of the tales in Young's Interesting Books on Skirving Street in Glasgow.  The Victorians were fascinated by these tales of djinns, genies, sultans, palaces and magic. In this series of artwork I have sought to invoke the spirit of Arabian fantasy contained within these tales.  

Here is a sneak preview titled 'The Djinn of El Badi Palace'...

© Laura Hudson Mackay Photography

More details from Bespoke Art gallery...

We are delighted to invite you to the Bespoke Art Fayre at the prestigious Charles Rennie MacKintosh House for an Art Lover on Sunday14th April. 

This will be a wonderful day at a truly stunning venue which we are delighted to be returning to for the 3rd time. Highlights of the day are as follows:
  • A chance to view artwork by some of the country's leading artists and discuss their work at one of Scotland's most iconic arts venues
  • A live classical pianist will be playing throughout the event
  • Afternoon cream tea will be served throughout the event by House for an Art Lover (included in ticket price)
  • £5 entry fee includes all of the above with profits from ticket sales going to Yorkhill Children's Foundation Registered CharityNumber SCO07856

Please note tickets are limited and booking is advised via more information and just some of the artwork can be seen on the attached flyer.
We look forward to welcoming you there!