Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Nexus - The Journey

I look for the beautiful and the good in everything. I've never been one who finds it easy to express myself freely in words and so my camera has become the tool to help communicate my own thoughts and feelings. 

My work often takes me off into other worlds far away. In these out-of-the-ordinary places I find myself inspired by the magic of forests and enchanted places. I search for doorways between two worlds, nexus points which seem to almost suspend time, a moment of revelation, a flash of inspiration...

And dare you enter through these gates
To seek another world beyond?
And will you leave these life estates,
To dabble in the Lucid Bond?
But thus compelled to venture forth
Each step more certain, more secure,
Dare you push the iron girth
To enter into life more pure?
Only the strong in heart and mind
May enter through this nexus point
Thus move between two worlds combined 
And sweet release do then appoint.

Taken from 'The Journey' by Laura Hudson Mackay, poetry Hudson Mackay Collaboration