Tuesday, 29 July 2014

LHM Photo UK - Exhibitions and Commissions

A collection of my Fine Art Photography is on display at Hullabloo in Dumfries until the 4th August. Please do call in for a coffee or book in for lunch/dinner if you have time, the food is very good! 

Many thanks to those of you who have been and enjoyed your time there and given me such lovely feedback about the exhibition. Some of you even taking selfies standing next to the frames and tagging me in on social media!

Plans for my next exhibition at Shambellie Walled Garden are well underway (dates and more details to follow soon). I've been having a blooming lovely time taking photographs of many of the flowers and plants at the garden and in the studio. It's such a peaceful place to spend time and each time we have guests to stay at the Tower we enjoy sharing the beautiful garden with them. It's good to have it so close by, as our own garden looks rather too much like a jungle at the moment.

I've been adding my own textures and backgrounds to images and I'm happily discovering new ways of creating depth and interest.  When out and about with my camera, I never let a good texture pass me by and have built up quite a library. I love to experiment by overlaying multiple images or blending together one or even two different textures. The results can be really satisfying.


Today I received a commission from two lovely ladies who popped up to the Tower. They both live in the village and have asked if I can supply them with a collection of my own Fine Art greeting cards. I'm delighted!! 

I created a range of cards featuring my own work and the work of a number of other artists a few years ago and can't wait to get started with a new collection.