Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hasselblad - Vintage Love

I love photography, I live and breathe it. 

So I'm delighted to introduce the latest edition to my camera collection.... A Hasselblad 500c from 1957, Isn't it gorgeous?

I've cleaned the camera, its lenses and numerous, beautiful accessories. I've read all the original manuals, still in perfect condition that were tucked neatly in the front pocket of the leather kit bag. The 120 roll film has arrived, so ready to go! 

It has been a while since I used film. At college I managed to source a Large Format 5x4 camera and the most sturdy tripod to be found to take the weight of it. Both of these things could hardly be carried, but the results from the camera were worth all the effort of lugging the equipment around.

It will take more than a couple of rolls of film to get used to this Medium Format camera, there will no doubt be more than a few mistakes, but images that happen to be blurry or imperfect, that are shot on film, can turn out to be beautiful mistakes.

Another consideration is that in these days of digital photography, buying film and having it processed isn't cheap, every time the shutter is clicked it will cost. That all being said, I'm delighted with this new addition and have already begun getting to grips with analogue again.

I'm also working towards a new exhibition (more details coming soon) and I plan to shoot a collection of images using these wonderful vintage cameras.